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Christine Sunderland is a well-known novelist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Her stories, set in Europe and Hawaii, draw from the past but are set in the present, and deal with themes of love, suffering, faith, and family.


American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) has published Christine’s post, “The Poetry of Faith,” considering the Christian legacy of the Western Tradition and honoring those who fought for our freedoms.

Liberty Island Magazine has published Christine’s posts, “Fair and Free,” about America’s grievance culture, and “The Fire Trail and the Challenge of Art,” considering the artist’s solemn responsibility to portray truth, keeping in mind T.S. Eliot’s words in Four Quartets, “humankind cannot bear very much reality.”

The Fire Trail, Christine’s sixth novel, is currently in the process of submission. It is a timely story about the boundary between civilization and the wilderness, and the collapse of American culture. The novel is set in Berkeley in September of 2014.

SEPTEMBER 2015American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) has published Christine’s post, “Mere Point of View” about whose telling the story in fiction and why it might matter.

JULY 2015:  American Christian Fiction Writers has published Christine’s post, “A Star in the Heavens.”

MAY 2015:

The Magdalene Mystery won Grand Prize, Second Place, Fiction in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards as well as First Place, Inspirational Fiction, and Second Place, Suspense Fiction categories. Her book will be showcased at the Book Expo America in New York City the end of May.

The  American Christian Fiction Writers has published Christine’s post, “A Call to Christian Writers.”

MARCH 2015:

Christine is continuing to post occasionally at www.LibertyIslandMag.com. Drop by and log in and browse. Also visit Christian Post Bindings and www.CatholicFiction.net for occasional postings and reviews, and of course her weekly blog on this site. She will be contributing also to the ACFW Writers Blog over the next six months.

Her novel-in-progress, THE FIRE TRAIL, is developing. Set in Berkeley, the novel considers some of the causes of our cultural collapse.

Christine is currently helping with the opening of the CENTER FOR WESTERN CIVILIZATION, one block from U.C. Berkeley. The first event will be held at Bowditch and Bancroft, at the YWCA: David Theroux, Founder and President of the C. S. Lewis Society of California, will give a lecture on C. S. Lewis, April 26 at 7 p.m.. It is free, and there will be a reception afterwards. She would love to see you there! For more info visit the Center for Western Civilization.


New review of The Magdalene Mystery at Bookstopcorner Blogspot. Thank you, Aditi Saha in Kolkata, India.

Reader review of Hana-lani: “For those who thought Hawaii was all about fancy resorts and Mai-tai’s by the pool, Hana-lani,  Christine Sunderland’s delightful novel about a Hawaiian “matriarch” and her family will come as a surprise.  Real people.  Real families, warts and all, will keep you turning the pages.  And just a hint of romance will keep you wondering what happened long after you finish.  A Readers’ Award book and a great read.”  The Rev. Paul Hauge, St. Peter’s, Oakland, California


New posting on Liberty Island of the SIXTH chapter of Christine’s novel-in-progress, THE FIRE TRAIL, about the borders between civilization and the wilderness… click on Open Range, then EXCERPT FROM THE FIRE TRAIL, Chapter Six… www.LibertyIslandmag.com

AUGUST 2014:

New posting on Liberty Island of the fifth chapter of Christine’s novel-in-progress, THE FIRE TRAIL, about the borders between civilization and the wilderness… click on Open Range, then EXCERPT FROM THE FIRE TRAIL, Chapter Five… www.LibertyIslandmag.com

New post at “Seriously Write” about  Christine’s “Journey to Publication”… http://seriouslywrite.blogspot.com/

The first four chapters of Christine’s novel-in-progress, The Fire Trail, now online at Liberty Island Magazine: https://www.libertyislandmag.com/  Click on “Open Range” and scroll to EXCERPT from THE FIRE TRAIL. Comments welcome…

JULY 2014:

NEW REVIEW by Christine of Piers Paul Read’s On the Third Day, at Catholic Fiction: http://www.catholicfiction.net/book-review/on-the-third-day

Reader response, Hana-lani: “I have been reading Hana-lani and I absolutely love it! We are going to Maui and I am getting a visual of this island through your book. The story is wonderful as well. You are an amazing writer.” … Lisa Spivey, Retirement Counselor, California

To read excerpts from Christine’s novel-in-progress, The Fire Trail, visit Liberty Island Magazine’s Open Range page online: http://www.libertyislandmag.com/openrange/home/home.html, click on EXCERPT from THE FIRE TRAIL. Liberty Island is an exciting new site for conservative fiction launched by Adam Bellow. I shall be a contributor to the site, a “Creator”.

JUNE 2014:

NEW REVIEW OF HANA-LANI, Christine’s novel set on Maui:  http://www.catholicfiction.net/book-review/hana-lani.php

NEW REVIEW by Christine of the The Desert (OakTara 2014) by Susan Prudhomme:


The Magdalene Mystery









6 responses to “What’s New

  1. Thanks so much for the great review, Bruce!

  2. Christine,
    I had the joy of reviewing “The Magdalene Mystery” on Amazon and Goodreads. Thanks for a great read! :-)

    I’ve already sent a copy to a friend in Oregon and am sending one to my son in Oklahoma.

    Cheers! Bruce

  3. Thank you for sending me The Magdalene Mystery! I can’t wait to read it.

  4. No but it sounds like a great opportunity to learn from one another…

  5. Christine, are you going to the ACFW conference?

  6. Time to start reading you books!!

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