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Christine Sunderland is a well-known novelist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Her stories, set in Europe and Hawaii, draw from the past but are set in the present, and deal with themes of love, suffering, faith, and family.

JULY 2014:

To read an excerpt (the first chapter) from my novel-in-progress, The Fire Trail, visit Liberty Island: http://www.libertyislandmag.com/openrange/home/home.html , click on EXCERPT from THE FIRE TRAIL. Liberty Island is an exciting new site for conservative fiction launched by Adam Bellow. I shall be a contributor to the site, a “Creator”.

JUNE 2014:

NEW REVIEW OF HANA-LANI, Christine’s novel set on Maui:  http://www.catholicfiction.net/book-review/hana-lani.php

NEW REVIEW by Christine of the The Desert (OakTara 2014) by Susan Prudhomme  http://blogs.christianpost.com/bindings/a-classic-quest-the-desert-by-susan-prudhome-21861/#more

Awards for THE MAGDALENE MYSTERY: Scroll down to see the latest…


The Magdalene Mystery

Ten years ago a gunman opened fire

in a parking lot, killing her parents.

No one ever found out why.

But a trip to Rome might reveal the deadly reasons.

Thirty-year-old Kelly Roberts receives a mysterious envelope after the death of her godfather, director of a news service dedicated to exposing media lies, summoning her to Rome for a promising legacy. After losing her job, Kelly, a single parent, fears for herself and her five-year-old son. She could sure use the money implied in her godfather’s letter, but she can’t afford to go to Rome, she can’t leave Matt, and she can’t take him with her. Even stranger, the note says to contact Daniel Weaver, a professor familiar with Rome.

To receive the legacy, Kelly must first locate her godfather’s hidden research on Mary Magdalene. Accompanied by thirty-five-year-old Daniel, Kelly embarks on the journey of a lifetime, finding clues in Rome basilicas, the Apostles’ Creed, and her godfather’s letters. But she is shadowed by another professor who preys on the young, both online and on campus. Desperate to find the manuscript that could expose him as an academic fraud, he is willing to do anything to keep that from happening…even murder.

Unlock the Magdalene mystery…and the power of historical truth.

“A gripping tale surprisingly easy to read. So much Gnostic and sub-Gnostic nonsense has been written about Mary Magdalene that it comes as a relief, as well as a pleasure, to read The Magdalene Mystery. Truth is often stranger than fiction—and much more fascinating.”   Michael Donley, Ph.D., author of St Mary Magdalen in Provence, The Coffin and the Cave.

The Magdalene Mystery has history, intrigue, romance, and predatory Internet behavior. Where else can you see a single parent and a theology professor compete with a cyber-predator to find a manuscript revealing the real St. Mary Magdalene? It made me yearn to visit Rome again!”     Paul S. Russell, Ph.D., author of Looking Through the World to See What’s Really There.

Now available at http://www.OakTara.com, http://www.Amazon.com, http://www.Amazon.it, http://www.Amazon.co.uk, http://www.Amazon.fr, and other Amazon International sites, http://www.BarnesandNoble.com and through local bookstores.



Finalist, Foreword Book of the Year, Religious Fiction for  2013: https://indiefab.forewordreviews.com/finalists/2013/religious/

First Place, Adult Fiction, Feathered Quill Book Awards: http://www.featheredquill.com/awardwinners.pdf


Honorable Mentions, the London & New England Book Festivals 


Second Place, ReaderViews Literary Awards, Mystery: http://readerviews.com/2013-literary-award-winners

Reviews, Interviews, and Reader Responses:

“I have read your first four novels and enjoyed them all… I confess Pilgrimage and Offerings are my two favorites! I will keep following you…”   Helen, Alameda, CA, December, 2013

“I have enjoyed every single book that you have written… I love your writing and all of the history and exciting mystery… God bless you for the work you do…”   Mary Lewis Johnson, Texas, November 2013

Bruce Judisch’s blog, It Is To Write:  http://www.brucejudisch.blogspot.com/  (Review and Interview The Magdalene Mystery)

ReaderViews:  https://susan-violante.squarespace.com/reviewsunderlandthemagdalenemystery/  (Review, The Magdalene Mystery)

Feathered Quill:  http://www.featheredquill.com/ (Review, The Magdalene Mystery)

Feathered Quill:   http://www.featheredquillblog.com/ (Interview, The Magdalene Mystery)

CatholicFiction.net:  http://catholicfiction.net/category/interviews/ (Interview)











6 responses to “What’s New

  1. Thanks so much for the great review, Bruce!

  2. Christine,
    I had the joy of reviewing “The Magdalene Mystery” on Amazon and Goodreads. Thanks for a great read! :-)

    I’ve already sent a copy to a friend in Oregon and am sending one to my son in Oklahoma.

    Cheers! Bruce

  3. Thank you for sending me The Magdalene Mystery! I can’t wait to read it.

  4. No but it sounds like a great opportunity to learn from one another…

  5. Christine, are you going to the ACFW conference?

  6. Time to start reading you books!!

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