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CHRISTINE SUNDERLAND is a well-known novelist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Her stories, set in Europe, Hawaii, and California, draw from the past but take place in the present, dealing with themes of love, suffering, faith, family, and freedom.

“Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

 Bill Keane

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April 7, 2021:logo-acfw-300x76

ACFW has published Christine’s post, “Resurrecting Righteousness,” how Christian writers redeem American culture in the choices in the stories they write as seen in her recently released novel, Angel Mountain. Thank you, American Christian Fiction Writers!

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February 7, 2021:

Angel Mountain wins award:

Angel Mountain has won Finalist, Inspirational Category, in the Feathered Quill Book Awards. Thank you, Feathered Quill!

Judges’ comments:

“The characters are great in this story!”
“The characters and their Holocaust backstory are very interesting – you like everyone and the mixture of such unique types all in one book is excellent.”
“Very well-written, this is one that will be read more than once because it is that good.”
“Covers: front cover – lovely peaceful serene picture that really fits, 10 out of 10.”

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New comments from readers of Angel Mountain:

January 31, 2021:

“We enjoyed it very much! I enjoyed the way you would go into detail about the physical appearance and different personalities of your characters. It really brought them to life for me.”    Alan, Texas

“I loved how you incorporated very current issues into the story… I learned more about genetics, the perspective of creation from a scientific mind, and a Holocaust survivor’s experience that was new to me… There is a line from Abram’s letter to Elizabeth that I especially appreciated where he writes, ‘But I learned on Earth that the only way to be of earthly good is to be full of Heaven.'”     Angela, Texas

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November 11, 2020:

American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) published Christine’s post, “Remembering to Remember,” how Christian storytellers remind us to remember to remember who we were, who we are, and who we are meant to be. Thank you, ACFW!

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September 30, 2020:

American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) published Christine’s post, “The Face of God”, how Christian novelists are called to transfigure Earth with Heaven. Thank you, ACFW!

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July 11, 2020:

Announcing a Goodreads Giveaway for Angel Mountain coming soon! Beginning July 19 and ending August 18. Visit Christine’s blog for more details.

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June 24, 2020:

American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) has published Christine’s post today, “Our Family of God,”  how Christian storytellers are called to banish racism and welcome all into our family of God. Thank you, ACFW!

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June 19, 2020: New Feathered Quill Author Interview. Read here.

June 17, 2020: New Review by Feathered Quill 

“Christine Sunderland delivers a quest for peace and happiness in her latest novel, Angel Mountain…” Read full review here.

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June 8, 2020: New Review by Michael De Sapio

A Contemporary Novel of Timely Relevance

Christine Sunderland’s ANGEL MOUNTAIN is a contemporary novel of timely relevance and timeless spiritual themes. We meet four main characters: an elderly religious hermit and his sister, both of whom survived the Holocaust in Greece; a young librarian out of a job because of ideological intolerance; and a Christian geneticist with a passion for proving the harmony of science and faith. Sunderland skillfully weaves together the lives of these four people against a backdrop of cultural tumult and the volatility of the northern California landscape. As college protests and Antifa-inspired terrorism rage at UC Berkeley, the hermit Abram leads a religious revival from atop the numinous Angel Mountain. Earthquakes and storms threaten, portending an apocalypse. Our characters search for answers and peace in this confusing world, relying on the grace of God and the accumulated wisdom of Western civilization.

ANGEL MOUNTAIN is a uniquely modern and uniquely personal novel, interwoven with places and things familiar to the author. Sunderland’s writing is rich in sensory imagery and also takes ample time for intellectual discussion; the topics touched upon include Intelligent Design, the natural moral law, the American founding, and the Pythagorean harmony of the spheres. While underpinned by a strong conservative philosophical worldview, the novel presents its case in a thought-provoking way that will be compelling to a wide range of readers. Most remarkable is the way ANGEL MOUNTAIN combines contemporary issues with a respect for history and a love of beauty. Sunderland sustains our interest right through the gripping, mystically charged denouement in which we see heaven and earth meeting and eternity intersecting with time. This fascinating novel comes strongly recommended.

Michael De Sapio

Michael is an essayist and the author of two screenplays, The Incredible Life of Joey Coletta and Dutchess County.



TO PURCHASE ANGEL MOUNTAIN: Amazon;  Wipf and Stock Publishing 

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June 6, 2020: Reader Views Author Interview

Sheri Hoyt interviews Christine about books, the reading and writing life, Angel Mountain, and today’s unrest that reflects some of the themes in Angel Mountain. Read the interview here.

TO PURCHASE ANGEL MOUNTAIN: Amazon;  Wipf and Stock Publishing 

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RESOURCE_TemplateJune 1, 2020: Review of Angel Mountain by Reader Views

“Angel Mountain” by Christine Sunderland is a captivating contemporary novel encompassing issues relevant in today’s world along with the timeless conflict of good versus evil, all wrapped up in a message of grace, love, and hope.

The story follows four characters whose fates intersect on a mountain – Mount Diablo, a magnificent landmark in the San Francisco area. Abram Levin is an 80-year-old hermit who lives in a cave on the mountain he dubs Angel Mountain. It is on Angel Mountain where Abram preaches the words of happiness, love, and grace. It’s also where he meets and rescues Gregory, a Christian geneticist who falls off the mountain trail while hiking one morning. Elizabeth, Holocaust survivor and Abram’s older sister, lives on an estate at the foot of Angel Mountain. Elizabeth hires Catherine to sort and catalog her extensive home library. Brought together by fate, circumstance, and divine intervention, the short time spent together on Angel Mountain changes the course of these four lives for eternity.

“Angel Mountain” is a fascinating, thought-provoking novel. Rich in Christian influence, fans of Christian fiction will devour this story. Its comprehensive passages also offer teachings of the faith for those interested in learning more about the message of Christianity. What I enjoyed most are the different elements Sunderland introduces, such as science, suggesting that faith and science go hand-in-hand and should be considered together. One example is an incident considering the source of light coming from the hermit, Abram’s cave: “Uncreated love, the energy of creation. Light in the darkness. Even the Big Bang, the forming of the stars and constellations, the sun and the moon. Uncreated energy. Uncreated love. We don’t have the words – theological or scientific – to describe the indescribable.”

Sunderland writes with a flair that inspires readers to dig deep within themselves to consider alternate views, beliefs, and opinions with respect and without judgment. Such an important message in our current volatile era. From immigration and individual freedom, to the choices we make, to observations about heaven and eternal life, “Angel Mountain” by Christine Sunderland hosts issues inspiring people to be their very best through vivid imagery, endearing characters, and an enticing plotline. Highly recommended reading!

Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views

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Angel Mountain was a wonderful read!”   Gary L., San Ramon, CA

Angel Mountain Flyer

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May 1, 2020: Angel Mountain has been published by Wipf and Stock Publishers and is now available on the website as well as Amazon. Many thanks to all who have encouraged this effort over the last two years.


A holy hermit, a Holocaust survivor, a literary librarian, and a Christian geneticist search for peace and happiness in a culture of chaos. Hermit Abram, eighty, and his sister Elizabeth, eighty-four, escaped the Holocaust in Greece and made it to America as children. Elizabeth retired from teaching high school Western Civilization, and Abram, who retired from teaching classics at U.C. Berkeley, converted to Christianity and retreated to Angel Mountain to pray with his icons for the world and preach from the mountainside. Elizabeth hires Catherine, thirty-three, to sort her home library. When Gregory, thirty-seven, a geneticist supporting intelligent design, falls from the mountainside and is rescued by Abram, these four lives are changed forever. The earth quakes, fires rage, and lightning strikes, as antifa protestors threaten the hermit and his friends. Angels bridge Heaven and Earth, and eternity intersects time. Is this the end of the world? Is the kingdom coming?


“In Angel Mountain, Christine Sunderland has created a gripping and theologically rich novel, in which four remarkable people make their way through a shifting cultural landscape ringed with apocalyptic fire, revolutionary politics, and end-times expectancy.”

–Wilfred M. McClay, University of Oklahoma, author of Land of Hope: An Invitation to the Great American Story

“Angel Mountain, which the world calls Devil Mountain, is beyond the reach of the secular city of Berkeley. There is a man living on the mountain who speaks of heaven and hell and good and evil. Just raising these topics is enough to spark concern and violence in his audience. Meanwhile, the world of 2018 is on fire, both literally in the countryside and spiritually in the minds and hearts of the characters of this quietly apocalyptic novel. Perhaps when the world does end, it will end both physically and spiritually at the same time. If so, Christine Sunderland’s Angel Mountain shows how to live in the midst of disaster and how lives can be remade if we have bold enough hearts. Read if you dare!”

–Paul Russell, author of Looking Through the World to See What’s Really There

“I have a certain shelf of books that I intend to read more than once. Christine Sunderland’s latest novel, Angel Mountain, is one of those books that will go on that shelf, for I will read it again. It is not a paint-by-number book. It is a Van Gogh, with poetic hues, chroma, colors, and shades brilliantly flowing in and out from one another creating a literary painting one will not soon forget.”

–Fr. Seraphim, Elder, Nazareth House Apostolate, Taylorsville, Kentucky

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April 15, 2020: American Christian Fiction Writers has published Christine’s post today, “Sheltered by the Resurrection,” considering how Christian fiction writers move from Lent into Easter in the telling of their stories. Thank you ACFW!

January 2020: Christine will be reading from her novel, Angel Mountain, set on Mount Diablo on January 19, Sunday, 2-4 p.m., at the Lafayette Library in Lafayette, California, in the free event, “Art Embraces Words“. Six local writers will read from their works surrounded by paintings done by local artists.

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December 2019: Christine is pleased to announce she has signed a contract with Wipf and Stock Publishers in Eugene, Oregon, to publish her seventh literary novel, Angel Mountain, the story of a holy hermit, a Holocaust survivor, a literary librarian, and a Christian geneticist, set on Mount Diablo (a.k.a. Angel Mountain), east of Berkeley and San Francisco.

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Christ and the Blind Man, Andrey Mironov, 2009

August 31, 2019: Christine’s post, “Heading for Heaven,” has been published today by American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), a reflection on our path of life through time into eternity, a path on Earth intersected by Heaven.

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June 5, 2019: Christine’s post, “Remembering Memory,” has been published today by American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), about the call for Christian novelists to redeem the secular culture with the sacred in their works.

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Ivan Aivazovsky, 1817-1900, Armenian-Russian

April 3, 2019: Christine’s post, “Walking on Water,” has been published today by American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), about the writing of Christine’s seventh novel, Angel Mountain. The novel (see descriptions below) is now at 73,000 words, a complete early draft about this world and the next. In the months ahead Christine will continue the process of editing and polishing the manuscript as she nears the time for submission. Watch for updates here and on Facebook.

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February 13, 2019: American Christian Fiction Writers published Christine’s post, “Trusting the Truth,” about the writing of her novel-in-progress, Angel Mountain. Set in Berkeley and on Mount Diablo, the novel explores faith and science, creation and human identity, Heaven and Earth. She has now finished the first draft, comprising 71,000 words.


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Jacob's Ladder by William Blake

Jacob’s Ladder by William Blake

August 29, 2018: The fourth post in a series, “Dancing,” how wrestling with God gives the Christian author the words to climb to Heaven, was published today by ACFW, American Christian Fiction Writers. 

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The Fire Trail

We are happy to announce a special July 2018 promotion in honor of Independence Day and American freedoms in partnership with Curves Walnut Creek: New members will receive a complimentary copy of The Fire Trail (eLectio 2016); current members will receive a copy with a $10 donation to East Bay Blue Star Moms Chapter 101 a support group for sons and daughters in the military. Come to Curves and take advantage of this one-month opportunity!

The Legacy

Christine’s review of The Legacy, by British journalist Melanie Phillips, is now on this site as a blog post and posted on Ms. Phillips‘ site as well.

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Congratulations to the winners of our recent Amazon Giveaway. Watch The Fire Trail’s Facebook page for future giveaways or subscribe to Christine’s newsletter, Novel News, for early announcements by writing Chris@ChristineSunderland.com.

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MAY 23, 2018: The third post in a series, “Defining,” how the antagonist argued Christine’s novel of ideas, was published today by ACFW

APRIL 4, 2018: The second post in a series, “Designing,” how a hermit and a hillside helped create Christine’s next novel, Angel Mountain, has now been published by ACFW.

FEBRUARY 15, 2018: American Christian Fiction Writers, ACFW, published today Christine’s post, “Discerning,” about early steps in writing her next novel, working title, Angel Mountain.

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DECEMBER 6, 2017: American Christian Fiction Writers, ACFW, published today Christine’s post, “The Miracle of Music,” about the perfect ratios found in tonal music, reflecting the perfection of God and the created order, and the role of faith in composing harmony and writing lyrical prose.

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OCTOBER 31, 2017: American Christian Fiction Writers, ACFW, has published Christine’s post, “The Breath of Beauty,” considering Halloween and All Saints Day, and and how Christian writers are called to breathe the beauty of holiness into their works, just as the light of the saints redeems the darkness of All Hallows’ Eve.

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The Fire Trail
OCTOBER 30-NOVEMBER 6:  In celebration of free speech and in thanksgiving for America, Christine is offering an Amazon giveaway of The Fire Trail (eLectio 2016), a literary suspense set at UC Berkeley, considering today’s threat to free speech and the rule of law. The first ten entrants will receive a free copy – no requirements to enter:  
https://giveaway.amazon.com/p/9d15869e5847f467 NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends the earlier of Nov 6, 2017 11:59 PM PST, or when all prizes are claimed. See Official Rules http://amzn.to/GArules.

SEPTEMBER 2017: American Christian Fiction Writers, ACFW, published Christine’s post, “The Path of Perfection,” about the unique opportunities we own as Christian novelists.




WINE TASTING, SIGNING, AND READING FROM THE FIRE TRAIL: Thank you Queen of Heaven for a wonderful event enjoyed by many in a beautiful and profound setting.

AUGUST 2017: Complimentary Wine Tasting and Book Signing of THE FIRE TRAIL at Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Lafayette. A chapter is set at Queen of Heaven Cemetery. Saturday, August 5, 12-2. RSVP 925-932-0500 :  Queen of Heaven Wine Tasting

JULY 2017: American Christian Fiction Writers, ACFW, has published Christine’s post, “The Way of Words,” thoughts on the writing of Christian fiction.
JULY 2017: Liberty Island Magazine has published Christine’s post, “Peace and Freedom in Berkeley,” an update on themes considered in The Fire Trail, a literary suspense set at UC Berkeley.
MAY 2017: In celebration of THE FIRE TRAIL’S first-year anniversary of publication, enter for a chance to win a copy in this Amazon Giveaway:  NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends the earlier of Jun 1, 2017 11:59 PM PDT, or when all prizes are claimed. See Official Rules.  FIRST TEN ENTRIES WIN.
MAY 2017:  THE FIRE TRAIL placed Finalist in the Suspense Category in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Thank you eLectio Publishing and thank you NGIBA!


THE FIRE TRAIL won GOLD/FIRST PLACE in the Feathered Quill Book Awards, Inspirational Category. Thank you, Feathered Quill!

ANNOUNCING A ONE-WEEK AMAZON GIVEAWAY of The Fire Trail in thanksgiving for America:   https://giveaway.amazon.com/p/d4e0e0383be66ddc NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends Nov 18, 2016 11:59 PM PST, or when all prizes are claimed. See Official Rules http://amzn.to/GArules. FIRST TEN ENTRIES WIN.

Christine presented and read from The Fire Trail, set at UC Berkeley, on Saturday, September 17 at Orinda Books. The brave audience beat the record heat wave temps, coming from many parts of the Bay Area. Many thanks to eLectio Publishing and Orinda Books and all those who attended!

American Christian Fiction Writers published Christine’s post, Sacred September Seasons, on September 14, 2016.

Lafayette Today featured Christine’s article about her novels and growing up in the Lafayette-Orinda area, her father being a founding pastor of the Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church: Lafayette Today August 2016.

Orinda News featured a lovely article about Christine, her growing up in this area, and her recently released novel, The Fire TrailOrinda News August . Thanks Elana O’Loskey!

NEW REVIEW OF THE FIRE TRAIL by novelist Susan Prudhomme:  “Christine Sunderland’s The Fire Trail is one part suspenseful murder mystery and one part passionate plea for social sanity in the face of a society disintegrating around us…” Click here to read the full review: THE FIRE TRAIL, REVIEW BY SUSAN PRUDHOMME

An interview with Feathered Quill is now available.

Orinda Books, Rakestraw Books Danville, and The Berkeley Historical Society are now carrying The Fire TrailIt is also available through local and online bookstores.

New Review of The Fire Trail from Feathered Quill Book Reviews: “Christine Sunderland offers a thought-provoking viewpoint on the collapse of Western civilization in her latest murder mystery… ” Feathered Quill Review

New review of The Fire Trail from Reader Views: In The Fire Trail by Christine Sunderland, we meet Jessica Thierry, a U.C. Berkeley grad student who is working on her PhD in History..”  The Fire Trail, Reader Views

THE FIRE TRAIL READING, June 14, 2016, Flag Day, at Curves Walnut Creek, 1848 Tice Valley Blvd:  Six ladies joined Christine to read Chapter Six, set at CircleFit, similar to Curves. The newly released literary suspense is set at UC Berkeley and published by eLectio Publishing. All proceeds went to BLUE STAR MOMS East Bay.

ENTER TO WIN an iPAD Air 2: Sign up for eLectio’s newsletter at www.eLectioPublishing.com, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter. Additional postings mentioning them will give you additional entries. Need to be 18 years or older. Giveaway ends July 15!  To check it out, click: eLectio Publishing Giveaway

ACFW, American Christian Fiction Writers, has published Christine’s post, “Making Sacred Sense” June 15, which considers the wealth of sensory images and experiences given to Christian novelists.

READING EVENT: 11:00 a.m., Tuesday, June 14, 2016, Flag Day, Curves Walnut Creek, 1848 Tice Valley Blvd.   I’m happy to announce that five adventurous ladies at Curves Walnut Creek will be doing a reading with me from my newly released literary suspense set in Berkeley, THE FIRE TRAIL (eLectio Publishing). One of the chapters is set at “CircleFit,” based on our wonderful Walnut Creek Curves. Reading, signing, and a lot of fun! Take your copy home with a $10 donation to BLUE STAR MOMS East Bay. See you there: 11 a.m. Tuesday, June 14 at the Walnut Creek Curves. Open to the public.

Book Giveaway for The Fire Trail – The Goodreads Giveaway starts midnight Saturday, May 28 and ends midnight August 15, 2016. Click here to enter for a chance to win one of ten copies signed by the author.

Cover Art v2 (Flattened)

MAY 10, 2016: The Fire Trail has been released and is available at eLectio Publishing. ELectio offers a free e-copy with every paperback. It is now on Amazon’s site as well. View the Press Release. Thanks, eLectio, for a job well done!

COMPLIMENTARY COPIES for review are available. Please write Christine at Chris@ChristineSunderland.com

APRIL 2016:

American Christian Fiction Writers has published Christine’s post, “Sacred Story” exploring the revolutionary mandate given to Christian writers to celebrate freedom, turning points, and resurrection.

The Fire Trail, Christine’s sixth novel, a literary suspense about the border between civilization and barbarism, to be released by eLectio Publishing May 10, is in the final editing stages.

FEBRUARY 10, 2016: American Christian Fiction Writers has published Christine’s post on Sacred Symbols used in writing, considering the ashen cross of Ash Wednesday.

DECEMBER 2015: WordPress has published Christine’s blogging stats for 2015, including top posts, visitors and comments, and worldwide locations. Take a look.


The Fire Trail, Christine’s sixth novel, a literary suspense about the border between civilization and barbarism, has been accepted for publication by eLectio Publishing, to be released May 10.


American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) has published Christine’s post, “The Poetry of Faith,” considering the Christian legacy of the Western Tradition and honoring those who fought for our freedoms.

Liberty Island Magazine has published Christine’s posts, “Fair and Free,” about America’s grievance culture, and “The Fire Trail and the Challenge of Art,” considering the artist’s solemn responsibility to portray truth, keeping in mind T.S. Eliot’s words in Four Quartets, “humankind cannot bear very much reality.”

The Fire Trail, Christine’s sixth novel, is currently in the process of submission. It is a timely story about the boundary between civilization and the wilderness, and the collapse of American culture. The novel is set in Berkeley in September of 2014.

SEPTEMBER 2015American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) has published Christine’s post, “Mere Point of View” about whose telling the story in fiction and why it might matter.

JULY 2015:  American Christian Fiction Writers has published Christine’s post, “A Star in the Heavens.”

MAY 2015:

The Magdalene Mystery won Grand Prize, Second Place, Fiction in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards as well as First Place, Inspirational Fiction, and Second Place, Suspense Fiction categories. Her book will be showcased at the Book Expo America in New York City the end of May.

The  American Christian Fiction Writers has published Christine’s post, “A Call to Christian Writers.”

MARCH 2015:

Christine is continuing to post occasionally at www.LibertyIslandMag.com. Drop by and log in and browse. Also visit Christian Post Bindings and www.CatholicFiction.net for occasional postings and reviews, and of course her weekly blog on this site. She will be contributing also to the ACFW Writers Blog over the next six months.

Her novel-in-progress, THE FIRE TRAIL, is developing. Set in Berkeley, the novel considers some of the causes of our cultural collapse.

Christine is currently helping with the opening of the CENTER FOR WESTERN CIVILIZATION, one block from U.C. Berkeley. The first event will be held at Bowditch and Bancroft, at the YWCA: David Theroux, Founder and President of the C. S. Lewis Society of California, will give a lecture on C. S. Lewis, April 26 at 7 p.m.. It is free, and there will be a reception afterwards. She would love to see you there! For more info visit the Center for Western Civilization.


New review of The Magdalene Mystery at Bookstopcorner Blogspot. Thank you, Aditi Saha in Kolkata, India.

Reader review of Hana-lani: “For those who thought Hawaii was all about fancy resorts and Mai-tai’s by the pool, Hana-lani,  Christine Sunderland’s delightful novel about a Hawaiian “matriarch” and her family will come as a surprise.  Real people.  Real families, warts and all, will keep you turning the pages.  And just a hint of romance will keep you wondering what happened long after you finish.  A Readers’ Award book and a great read.”  The Rev. Paul Hauge, St. Peter’s, Oakland, California


New posting on Liberty Island of the SIXTH chapter of Christine’s novel-in-progress, THE FIRE TRAIL, about the borders between civilization and the wilderness… click on Open Range, then EXCERPT FROM THE FIRE TRAIL, Chapter Six… www.LibertyIslandmag.com

AUGUST 2014:

New posting on Liberty Island of the fifth chapter of Christine’s novel-in-progress, THE FIRE TRAIL, about the borders between civilization and the wilderness… click on Open Range, then EXCERPT FROM THE FIRE TRAIL, Chapter Five… www.LibertyIslandmag.com

New post at “Seriously Write” about  Christine’s “Journey to Publication”… http://seriouslywrite.blogspot.com/

The first four chapters of Christine’s novel-in-progress, The Fire Trail, now online at Liberty Island Magazine: https://www.libertyislandmag.com/  Click on “Open Range” and scroll to EXCERPT from THE FIRE TRAIL. Comments welcome…

JULY 2014:

NEW REVIEW by Christine of Piers Paul Read’s On the Third Day, at Catholic Fiction: http://www.catholicfiction.net/book-review/on-the-third-day

Reader response, Hana-lani: “I have been reading Hana-lani and I absolutely love it! We are going to Maui and I am getting a visual of this island through your book. The story is wonderful as well. You are an amazing writer.” … Lisa Spivey, Retirement Counselor, California

To read excerpts from Christine’s novel-in-progress, The Fire Trail, visit Liberty Island Magazine’s Open Range page online: http://www.libertyislandmag.com/openrange/home/home.html, click on EXCERPT from THE FIRE TRAIL. Liberty Island is an exciting new site for conservative fiction launched by Adam Bellow. I shall be a contributor to the site, a “Creator”.

JUNE 2014:

NEW REVIEW OF HANA-LANI, Christine’s novel set on Maui:  http://www.catholicfiction.net/book-review/hana-lani.php

NEW REVIEW by Christine of the The Desert (OakTara 2014) by Susan Prudhomme:


The Fire Trail

The Fire Trail

The Magdalene Mystery









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    I had the joy of reviewing “The Magdalene Mystery” on Amazon and Goodreads. Thanks for a great read! 🙂

    I’ve already sent a copy to a friend in Oregon and am sending one to my son in Oklahoma.

    Cheers! Bruce


  3. Thank you for sending me The Magdalene Mystery! I can’t wait to read it.


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