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February/2013 Interview with Father Gordon Hines of St. George’s Anglican Church, print and audio:


Set in Italy in the present day, this story of healing looks at questions of belief, the history of the Church, the lives of saints and martyrs, the mysteries of relics and sacraments, and the union of body and soul.


Offerings, the sequel to Pilgrimage, is a story of healing of body and soul, set in France, with scenes in Lourdes, Rocamadour, Lyons, Crillon-le-Brave in Provence, Vence on the French Riviera, Lerins Islands, Reims, and Paris, and encounters with Bernadette, Mary Magdalene, Catherine Laboure, and Mary, the Mother of God.


Inheritance the sequel to Offerings, a poignant story about choices made along the way… and the miracles of the heart. Set in the breathtaking beauty of England.


Set in Hana, Maui, this compelling literary novel is a poignant journey that unravels T.S. Eliot’s “permanent questions” – what is goodness, truth, and love?

The Magdalene Mystery

Ten years ago a gunman opened fire in a parking lot, killing her parents. No one ever found out why. But a trip to Rome might reveal the truth.

The Fire Trail

She found the bloody body and saw the murderer’s face. Will she ever be safe? UC Berkeley grad student Jessica Thierry walks the Fire Trail in the hills and witnesses a rapist murderer leave the scene. Fearing for her life, she tries to focus on her doctorate about Christianity’s role in Berkeley’s history…

Christine’s children’s books are all available for purchase from the American Church Union.

Church School Series

This series teaches the Christian faith as stated in the Nicene Creed, and as articulated in the historic councils of the Church. The lessons follow the Church Year, and draw directly from Holy Scripture and the Episcopal 1928 Book of Common Prayer. Lesson topics (with a few exceptions) are the same for all ages, to aid the teacher of a mixed-age class. This format also encourages family members to discuss the lessons and to work on memory assignments together.

The lessons cover a three-year span, with one volume used each year. Each volume covers forty-one weeks of the year, from mid-September through Trinity Sunday (June), making a total of 123 lessons over a three-year period. The major feasts and liturgical seasons are also addressed. From late Trinity to Advent, lessons are devoted to the Old Testament, and from Lent to Trintytide lessons address New Testament teachings. The Seven Sacraments, prayer, and the Nicene Creed are also taught.

The Series is easy to teach and suitable for any size church school. Its simple and flexible format allows the instructor to expand on lessons at his/her discretion.

Activity Ideas

This teacher’s handbook lists more activities for each of the lessons in the Series as well as crafts, finger plays, music, drama patterns, clip art, teaching techniques and additional resources.

Teaching the Church’s Children: Sunday School Programs for Ages Three through Sixth Grade

The theory and practice of beginning and running a Sunday School Program. 62 pages. Paper cover.

Summer Lessons

Three fifteen-lesson programs for summer Sundays for Grades 1 +, based on popular children’s hymns: “All Things Bright and Beautiful,” “Advent Tells Us Christ Is Near,” and “I Sing a Song of the Saints of God.”

Junior Reader Collection – Jeanette Books

Sacramental stories involving the lives of the saints and festivals of the Church Year, reading level 8+.

Jeanette’s Birthday

Jeanette must celebrate her thirteenth birthday in a strange castle in France and without her papa. What mysteries lie in this ancient chateau? Will her papa return? The first in the series. Paper cover. 47 pages.

Jeanette’s Treasure

Jeanette and Emile search for the chateau’s treasure, but find themselves in danger instead. Will they be rescued? Do they find the treasure? The second in the series. Paper cover. 47 pages.

Jeanette’s Secret

Jeanette, Emile, and Jacques set out to find an ancient hermit in the mountains above her aunt’s chateau. What secret will Jeanette discover? Will her friend be saved? The third in the series. Paper cover. 53 pages.

Jeanette’s Angel

Jeanette and Emile sail to the ancient island of Lerins off the coast of France. Searching for treasure, Emile, is kidnapped by pirates and Jeanette is trapped in an old fortress. How will Jeanette escape? Will she find Emile in time? The fourth in the series. Paper cover. 55 pages.

Jeanette’s Christmas

Jeanette discovers the true magic of Christmas at home in San Francisco. The fifth in the series. Paper cover. 42 pages.

Jeanette’s Easter

Jeanette experiences the true meaning of Easter at home in San Francisco. Paper cover. 52 pages.

Jeanette’s Hallowe’en

Jeanette discovers the mystery of Hallowe’en and the Feast of All Saints. 54 pages.

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