Reviews by Christine

Christine’s Review of Dutchess County, by Michael De Sapio


A Tale Worth Telling

DUTCHESS COUNTY: A SCREENPLAY is a moving, cinematic, meaningful biopic of Washington Irving (1783-1859), credited with being the first American “Man of Letters” and the Father of the American Short Story. We glimpse a pivotal time in American history—pre-Revolution to post-Revolution, the “Age of Reason” to the “Age of Romanticism.” Irving bridges the Old World of Europe and the New World of America. He influenced many of the nineteenth century English great writers—Scott, Dickens, Thackeray—and in America, Longfellow. American literature gained respect (finally, and perhaps grudgingly)…”  Read full review here: DUTCHESS COUNTY REVIEW

Christine’s Review of The Wisdom of Ambrose, by Susan Prudhomme

In this delightful fantasy by Susan Prudhomme, empty-nester Susan Anderson seeks to find her true identity among the lofty and silent redwoods of Northern California.  She crosses into another world, a parallel time, and meets Ambrose, a large brown bear. Read Christine’s full review of Wisdom of Ambrose.

Christine’s Review of War in Heaven, by Charles Williams

In Charles Williams’ supernatural thriller War in Heaven, an exquisitely constructed story pits three good characters against three evil ones in the protection and attempted destruction, respectively, of the Holy Graal (old spelling of Grail), discovered in the English village of Fardles, or Castra Parvulorum, the Camp of the Children. Read Christine’s full review of War In Heaven.

Christine’s Review of The Children of Men, by P.D. James

The year is 2021 and the setting is England. No children have been born since 1995, for man has become infertile… Read Christine’s full review of The Children of Men.

Christine’s Review of The Death of a Pope, a Novel, by Piers Paul Read

This literary thriller addresses weighty and timely themes: not only challenges to belief in an unbelieving world, but the devastation of AIDS and sexual license, the disparity between first and third worlds, rich and poor, and the role of a Church guided by tradition. Read Christine’s full review of The Death of a Pope.

Christine’s Review of Father Elijah by Michael. D. O’Brien

“I read Father Elijah ten years ago, and recalled how refreshing it was to read a story set in the late 20th century that was infused with the sacramental acts of God. I also recalled not being able to put it down. Would the book be as I remembered?… Read Christine’s full review of Father Elijah.

Christine’s Review of The Forest by Susan Prudhomme

Author Susan Prudhomme begins this wonder-filled tale with these tantalizing words:

The Forest lies in velvet mystery on the face of mountains and valleys, its mists spreading amongst the ridges like a sleeping, purring beast.

We soon enter the world of Timkin Tanwarrel and join him on his great adventure. Timkin is a Menchian, one of the little people of the forest, cousins to humans. Read Christine’s full review of The Forest.

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