At Home, Feast of Christ the King

Yes, indeed, today is the Feast of Christ the King.  Christ our King.  Christ the King of all of us.

And this week the offer of the Bishop of Rome to traditional Anglicans.  On Tuesday Cardinal Levada stated there would be a forthcoming “Apostolic Constitution” which will outline provisions for an Anglican Ordinariate, with an Anglican leading it, to be part of the Roman Catholic Church.  The Catechism and Papal Primacy would need to be accepted.  Clergy would be re-ordained, implying invalid orders which also implies past invalid sacraments for the laity.

Christians would like to be “one body” with “one King” and while the terms of this offer seem to me difficult, I am pleased with the effort made by Rome, in particular Pope Benedict, who, I understand, went around his liberal Cardinals to respond directly to requests made by groups in the worldwide Anglican Communion.

As I listened to the debate of the Forward-in-Faith bishops via podcast (still online) this weekend, I sensed the historicity of this moment.  We await the “Constitution” to fully understand the ramifications of Pope Benedict’s offer to heal Christ’s Body.

And we pray to Christ, our King.

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