My Sister’s Poem

Barbara Budrovich

Gestation / August 2010


They are in her womb
Of black copper
In gestation
For a third of their
Earlier time
With a different mother

Like then, sequestered from
Except those that click inside the head
Now fully weighted.

And these they will harness
To dig new worlds.
A galaxy will light this womb.

And that is how they will wait
For time to be divided again by sunrise and sunset.

Invincible is this imagination,
Which built this mine
A mile

Birth / October 2010

It is not a
Breeched birth.
Each comes out
Head first,
Out of that
Tight canal
Into the
Same light
They closed
Their eyes against
Years ago,
The same cries
To follow,
The same hands
To cradle
Their men
After birth.

(c) Barbara Budrovich, October, 2010

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