Review of Angel Mountain by Reader Views

Angel Mountain
Christine Sunderland
Resource Publications (2020)
ISBN 9781725259805
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (06/2020)

“Angel Mountain” by Christine Sunderland is a captivating contemporary novel encompassing issues relevant in today’s world along with the timeless conflict of good versus evil, all wrapped up in a message of grace, love, and hope.

The story follows four characters whose fates intersect on a mountain – Mount Diablo, a magnificent landmark in the San Francisco area. Abram Levin is an 80-year-old hermit who lives in a cave on the mountain he dubs Angel Mountain. It is on Angel Mountain where Abram preaches the words of happiness, love, and grace. It’s also where he meets and rescues Gregory, a Christian geneticist who falls off the mountain trail while hiking one morning. Elizabeth, Holocaust survivor and Abram’s older sister, lives on an estate at the foot of Angel Mountain. Elizabeth hires Catherine to sort and catalog her extensive home library. Brought together by fate, circumstance, and divine intervention, the short time spent together on Angel Mountain changes the course of these four lives for eternity.

“Angel Mountain” is a fascinating, thought-provoking novel. Rich in Christian influence, fans of Christian fiction will devour this story. Its comprehensive passages also offer teachings of the faith for those interested in learning more about the message of Christianity. What I enjoyed most are the different elements Sunderland introduces, such as science, suggesting that faith and science go hand-in-hand and should be considered together. One example is an incident considering the source of light coming from the hermit, Abram’s cave: “Uncreated love, the energy of creation. Light in the darkness. Even the Big Bang, the forming of the stars and constellations, the sun and the moon. Uncreated energy. Uncreated love. We don’t have the words – theological or scientific – to describe the indescribable.”

Sunderland writes with a flair that inspires readers to dig deep within themselves to consider alternate views, beliefs, and opinions with respect and without judgment. Such an important message in our current volatile era. From immigration and individual freedom, to the choices we make, to observations about heaven and eternal life, “Angel Mountain” by Christine Sunderland hosts issues inspiring people to be their very best through vivid imagery, endearing characters, and an enticing plotline. Highly recommended reading!

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