Palm Sunday: Living the Story of Jerusalem’s Gates

I’m pleased to announce that American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) published my post today, “Living the Story of Jerusalem’s Gates.”

Today is Palm Sunday, the day we recall, and re-enact, Christ’s entrance into the Holy City of Jerusalem, riding a lowly colt, as was prophesied. Many lay palm branches before him, crying “Hosanna in the highest!” As we follow him through the gates of Jerusalem, we invite our readers to enter the gates too, into our stories of redemption.

Our gates of Jerusalem are the words and pages of our fiction. We tell of the New Jerusalem – Heaven – and open the doors to the narrow way which is the path of life through death and into life again. We hope they will come in from the cold and arid world outside the gates. We hope they will say yes to our invitation, to step with us, into a city of words offering hope to all mankind. To read the full post, visit the ACFW Blog: “Living the Story of Jerusalem’s Gates”

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