On Presidents, Promises, and Penitence

This was first published in February of this year. Seems appropriate for Independence Day, Mount Rushmore, and the toppling of statues and our nation’s history. I give thanks for our country, unique in all the world, a beacon of light on a hill, indeed exceptional, a country that makes sense. May her flag fly high for all to see. God bless America.

Christine Sunderland

Klavan.The Art of Making SenseI am reading Andrew Klavan’s The Art of Making Sense, Writings and Speeches 2019. This is not a book about writing to make sense (which I thought at first and probably need), but a book about personal coherency found in a consistency of character, speech, and action. He is speaking of lives that make sense and heroes that make sense, ways of living that make sense. When they don’t make sense, when one part acts in contradiction to another, there is a brokenness, a fissure or fracture of personality. We might call this hypocrisy, for we sense deeply that there is a grand logic to living, to life.

We are driven to create, mirroring our Creator, and this drive is part of the coherency we struggle to achieve. It is this drive, this love of life—human life and all creation—that has been implanted in each of us, that is…

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