Angel Mountain: Goodreads Giveaway Coming Soon

Announcing my Goodreads Giveaway, beginning July 19 and ending August 18. Add it to your Want to Read category at Goodreads and they will notify you when it begins. Also, I will announce it on Facebook at Christine Sunderland, Author:
          In celebration of the release of ANGEL MOUNTAIN (Resource/Wipf and Stock), by award-winning Christine Sunderland, enter for a chance to win a copy of this eerily timely novel set on Mount Diablo, east of U.C. Berkeley, featuring a holy hermit, a Holocaust survivor, a literary librarian, and a Christian geneticist who search for peace and happiness in a culture of chaos. 
          Hermit Abram, 80, and his sister Elizabeth, 84, escaped the Holocaust in Greece and made it to America as children. Elizabeth retired from teaching high school Western Civilization, and Abram, retired from teaching classics at U.C. Berkeley, converted to Christianity and retreated to Angel Mountain to pray with his icons for the world and preach from the mountainside. 
          Elizabeth hires Catherine, 33, to sort her home library. When Gregory, 37, a geneticist supporting intelligent design, falls from the mountainside and is rescued by Abram, these four lives are changed forever. The earth quakes, fires rage, and lightening strikes, as antifa protestors threaten the hermit and his friends. Angels bridge Heaven and Earth, and eternity intersects time. Is this the end of the world? Is the kingdom coming?
          “In ANGEL MOUNTAIN, Christine Sunderland has created a gripping and theologically rich novel, in which four remarkable people make their way through a shifting cultural landscape ringed with apocalyptic fire, revolutionary politics, and end-times expectancy.”
Dr. Wilfred M. McClay, University of Oklahoma

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